Miss Tulie, Miss Tulie, your heart she'll steal truly. From the magic land of Japan comes a unique new singer, "Miss Tulie". Her original music, like the bright colors of a painting, along with Miss Tulie's one-of-a-kind unique fashion sense is sure to keep you entertained! Her original songs speak of the ups and downs of life, but a little more focused on the ups, rather than the downs. She sure is a sharp gal. Modernly futuristic, but yet nostalgically rich from a bygone era... A little more extravagant than practical, enjoying life to enjoy. With that coy little wink, she may seem a bit shy, but don't be fooled by those eyes... Miss Tulie has got her life rhythm down!


It's a kind of mystery, but she was born in the late 20th century, on a small island called Japan. Miss Tulie grew up there, influenced by a wide mix of culture and art. Her lovely and unique stage name expresses her in itself, coming from her favorite birth month flower, Tulip. Miss Tulie's original music works and unique taste for fashion are usually inspired by the many vivid colors of life, like a beautiful painting. She lives on many wishes for people's understanding of each other and precious friendship. Miss Tulie is always encouraging us by saying “Let's enjoy our lives in every situation, life is art! Thank you so much from my heart.”